The Effects Of Society On Individuals

The Effects Of Society On Individuals

Society is inevitable in the life of an individual, who, whether liked or not, will one way or another be affected by the society. It is made up of people with common views, morals, norms, values. From the day a child is born till departure, he/she comes in daily contact with the society starting from family. A family is the smallest unit and usually the first set of people a child meets. The family teaches and trains you on morals & way of life, this automatically becomes a part of you, becoming your lifestyle. This is not because they are the first, rather because you don’t have any other option nor have any idea on how to act, how to behave differently.

After the family, most likely, the

After the family, most likely, the next set of people he comes in contact with is “peer group”. This peer group consists of different persons like you with different family backgrounds and way of life. Their independent families have taught them different ways to live, they might have mingled with different groups (culture). You have so many options to choose from, whether to stick to your existing lifestyle or adopt few things from your new friends or change your way of life totally and adopt every characteristic. At a point, your exposure starts to affect your choices, preferences, reaction to situations, opinion in life and you start to mature towards that direction.

Next level you move to might

Next level you move to might be a school, some define school as an establishment that certifies your societal value, limiting your interest. In school, your brain is the main focus, knowledge is given, your academic abilities is put to test.

Here, a fellow comes across a wider community of persons with varying views, ideas, history. A school refines the ideas and ethic a person was used to growing up. In school, such person learns how to mingle with people, the rules of the country, fundamental human rights, etc. Following this stage is the professional stage, depending on what profession an individual chooses to follow determines how that person’s thought and ideas will be formed.

The Effects Of Society On Individuals

For example, politics, there are different ways people react to the concept of politics, this is dependent on the society one is from. If a person is from a theocratic group, the view on politics will be quite restrained as it is a belief that God chooses who He wants as ruler. The active political society will rather participate in the fullest as they believe they have the power to effect change in the government and society. Back to the profession, if your profession is on the proletariat side, political view will be more of arguments to know who will represent the masses. But, if the profession leans towards affluence, you tend to be unbothered as far as you are not affected.

It affects how you dress, walk, eat, love, live, your choice of religion. A woman born in the rural parts of India will by default, be a Hindu. Not because she loves being a Hindu but because that was what she was introduced to. If such person grows up and mingles, it becomes a sole decision to remain true to the root teaching. There will be lots of religions to choose from: Christianity, Islam, Judaism. Subjective and active are two types of character features that exist.

The active section hardly ever change, they rarely get swayed by new culture, tradition, religion, etc. While the passive, some times called subjective doesn’t possess strong will. They are easily swayed by other views and religions & pick up doctrines on the way. The lifestyle and dressing is also affected by society as someone born in China cannot be seen wearing any other thing beside frocks, wraparounds, cotton overalls. When such person tours the world, there is progress in levels of relationship, getting exposed to the concept of other fashion and way of life.

There will be lifestyle changes to embrace other fashion trends of many countries. That is when you see such fellow wearing a suit from the west, a dashiki from the east, a long robe from the north. These are societal effects that refine, influence and shape the way of life of its inhabitant, an inevitable action.