Does money influence society.

Does money influence society

Money is a measure of value, is something we used to know how you are worth and how you are not worth. A platform of exchange whereby services and goods can be handle with much ease and without any difficulty. People have it that when you have, and anything happens to you they say the condition came because of the money that money is the roof of all forces of darkness or evil.

Without money the buying of goods

Without money the buying of goods and services would have been difficult since the traditional way of buying and selling was cumbersome, and they needed a relief and invented money to chase away the suffering that was associated with it. The importance of money usage cannot be undermined, money play a vital role in our life, and we cannot do without having money in our society. These benefits of money are shown below, first, money serves as a medium of exchange, with money you can exchange for anything in this world.

Does money influence society

Society is influence by money, people some times worship their colleagues who have money, person who was nobody in a society but immediately they get money they soon become demigods for their friends to worship. So, money raises the image of an individual because that will influence the way you talk and that also commands respect from people. Money brings development to the society, with money advanced devices and equipment can be bought for the and be used to bring development to the society you live in.

Usually, people fight because of poverty, when money is given to them their disputes can be solved amicably without any further issue. When money is there better schools can be put up to educate its citizens and the in itself is development, people will not live in the earth without being updated. With money in your pocket hospitals can be built to treat patients, this will bring employment to the individuals and finally productivity will increase, this is because many guys will be healthy to go to work.

Countries with money have good roads, good infrastructure, and good internet, the good roads help them to have easy access to their homes and work places, this also prevents accidents from occurring. There is no doubt that money influences us in our lives, so it is good for all persons develop interest in the search for money. Therefore, money must be part of the topics we learn in school, so that we may know ways to getting it too