Do You Have What It Takes To Be Called A Fashionista?

Do You Have What It Takes To Be Called A Fashionista?

People often confuse fashion with trend, they are two different things. Fashion is wearing of cloths regardless of how it is combined, culture or year. While trend is wearing clothes in vogue, that is, reigning clothes. Now that is cleared up, let’s focus on the subject matter, Fashion. Before a person is said to be a lover of fashion, such entity must have tried out many fashion statements, invented at least two different types of outfit. The person must be addicted to dressing up, finding it hard to repeat a certain style, color or outfit twice in a month.

A fashion lover is often referred to as a fashionista or supermodel. But before you term yourself a fashionista or a fashion freak, here are some traits or features you must possess. Awareness: Fashionistas are aware of the change in outfits and trends, they keep up with it. You have to be a supermodel and keep up with the swirl of change. If you can’t or don’t do so and remain dormant, then, you are just a cloth wearer, not a fashion lover. A supermodel also possesses the discerning mind and eye to know what is perfect to wear for all occasions.

Do you have what it takes

Going to a wedding or a dinner date wearing sneakers, sweatpants or track suit is unsuitable, regarded as a fashion offence. If a fashion cop were around, there would be an arrest, the culprit is you. This brings us to the next point which is having the perfect wardrobe. To perfectly slay for all events, your closet needs to be well stocked with various outfits. From work cloths to casual dresses to work out wears, have everything to qualify as a fashionista. A person truly can’t have enough dresses, there is always room for more!

Do you have what it takes to be referred to as a fashionista or a supermodel? More features which needs to be possessed by you includes stylish closet. Your wardrobe doesn’t just have to be stocked, it has to be stocked with stylish outfits and content. How’s this a problem, having your wardrobe overflowing with work out wears or casuals or just work outfits limit your fashion sense (statement)? But having a closet filled with diverse pieces, now that’s bliss, splendor and satisfaction. Have you tried out different wear from at least 10 different countries or you limited yourself to just your country?

Do You Have What It Takes To Be Called A Fashionista?

This might come across as a shock or cause a bit of confusion. Yes, try out different combination from various countries like India, China etc. Styling is art, art is life, life is not limited by color, race, religion, language or country so reconsider. The ability to reinvent pieces or trends is a power tool, a must have. For example, the 90’s look which has gone out of vogue can be given a fresh approach. It can be mixed with an urban look to invent the retro style, let your creativity be at its peak. Don’t be too stiff or uptight with pairing your cloths, rather let the inspiration to dress up flow freely.

You must love to dress and go on a shopping spree to survive the trend world, having much money (being rich) is a huge advantage.