Difference between Koreans and Indians style

Difference between Koreans and Indians style

Style is literally referred to as a particular way of doing or saying something, a unique form of clothing, way of arranging your appearance, a distinctive fashion adopted by people of taste. Koreans express the greatest style due to different factors affecting Indians ranging from climatic factors to rural development and civilization.

Taking care of the skin regularly does not happen naturally in India until problem starts to show up, like the onset of sunburn, acne or wrinkles. That’s beginning to change as Indians gain more enlightenment about what makes skin looks younger and healthy . Being Korean, having a better regimen is almost like a lifestyle, a day-to-day activity , people start incredibly as toddler. It’s all about taking care of yourself before problem starts trying to take away your beauty. In Korea, caring for skin is taken as a part of your overall health, like taking your bath, brushing your teeth and eating breakfast.

Dining manners can be very different

Talking about traditionalism, the fashionable lines of Korean ladies traditional cloth called Hanbok appear at their best when you are in any position compared to Indian traditional cloth called Sari. The big round skirts flatter the your gracefulness by hiding the movements of the legs, so you appear to be flying above the ground while in motion. India clothing is dependent on different climatic condition, cultural belief of Indian. Accordingly, male/ female clothing has evolved from simple garment like dhoti to cover the body into large costumes and jewelries not only used in daily wear, but also on festivals, as well as dance performances.

Dining manners can be very different in India where it is not wrong to eat with your hands. In most restaurants or when you are eating with elders, cutlery may not be provided which is quintessential among Koreans. Sharing of food suit Indians, it is common in restaurants to order a number of dishes and share them all between the members of the party. Indians don’t say ‘thank you’ at the end of a meal, but praising the food and showing appreciation while eating will be well received. Wheras, tipping is not allowed in Korea, the price you see on the menu list is the price you will pay where tipping is noither added nor expected. In fact, waiters won’t accept any money you leave behind trying to be nice to the them. The reason behind this is that if the meal was tasty you’ll come back, which is rewarding enough.

Difference between Koreans and Indians style

Social etiquette varies greatly across Korea and India. Generally, if you are planning to host an event to be attended by Indians then expect them to be late. Contrary to Korea society, it is considered bad manners in India to arrive on time, good manners would be to arrive 15 to 30 minutes late.

In short, Koreans are fashion people. There is a big focus on external appearances, it is expected of you to look your best and is considered insulting to do otherwise. Having a great sense of style and investing into stylish pieces is not exempted to the latest but a normal cultural facet. It can be considered to a symbiotic relationship where one brings out the best in the other. Koreans style is no longer bounded to its insular circle and opens to worldwide markets which hasn’t occurred yet in India.