An article about why society values intelligence so much.

An article about why society values intelligence so much

We live in a society that keeps evolving, therefore you are expected to adapt to the changes the best you could because only the fit can survive. Someone who can get the required skills about a subject of worry or concern and apply them perfectly to solve a situation is regarded a gem by those around them. Be it in personal relationships, at work, in school, or in the whole society, such people are valued by everyone, even their critics because they can get far. Others want intelligent persons around them because the latter’s future is considered bright and financially stable, they help avoid problems by solving issues, and they are role models.

When you are intelligent or smart,

When you are intelligent or smart, people mark out your future as one filled with material wealth and a lot of money. Since people relate intelligence with a good education, excelling in your academics earns you respect and admiration because perhaps you will have a perfect job or career that pays well. This thought could be a blessing and curse equally because rather than regarding you as one of them and seeing the real you, those around you mostly see a money tree and a god.

An article about why society values intelligence so much

Being able to solve problems or give suggestions that can avoid crises or help deal with them should be admired, so the society respects and encourages anyone who can do it. In areas where clashes are common, or in extended families where there are numerous individuals and each has a different opinion, smart people are keys. If such communities find someone who can solve those issues peacefully and satisfy everyone without hurting either party, that person assures peace, so they are golden. Things change often and inventions are normal, especially in tech, hence humans consider those who can understand fast and accept the change blessings since they can help out.

Confidence, good reason, great plans, creativity, problem solving, and many other traits of an intelligent person are admirable, that’s why society values them. In this era where the youth often lose direction and follow the wrong path, the existence of an intelligent person could be the remedy to help the lost change. Such persons are accepted and respected since they have a positive impact on others, no matter how minutely and help those who had lost hope or direction rethink their actions. An intelligent person is a role model for both the good and bad, and an agent of change and determination given individual want to be like them.

Someone who lifts the burden off of our shoulders does not only save us but also earns our respect and protection, so we grow to value them. Since this is exactly what smart people do, we encourage more to come out to enable us avoid future issues or solve them well when they come. We value intelligence since it assures future financial independence, and also provides a role models for others to show them what direction to choose.