An article about how celebrities can affect society.

An article about how celebrities can affect society

In life, we may look up to someone as a role model, teacher, or a source of motivation, so celebrities, people who are known by almost everyone worldwide play a major role. Since they are in the limelight, most of what they do is known by everyone, and their actions can have a positive or negative impact in society. The positive impacts include promoting the economy and social standing by promoting business and culture, motivating citizens to work harder knowing that success is possible, and being a voice for the weak. These positive effects can only exist if a celebrity is virtuous, otherwise anything they do will be a bad influence, including drugs, arrogance, and other vices.

Service providers use celebrities to advertise and market their products because people accept something more if an icon uses it. An example is Pepsi’s idea to use the likes of Messi and Salah to advertise their drink, which saw the players’ fans decide to use the drink just to support them. Models, actresses and artists also help market goods like bags, clothes, shoes, and necklaces, among other things, and people buy them because of how good they looked on the advertiser, or for the love they have for the model.

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Celebrities promote culture by taking it to big stages like the Oscars, athletics contests, and football games. India might be the luckiest when it comes to culture promotion because their actors, actresses, and singers rarely dress in all-modern styles when performing. This has enabled their culture to be known by the whole world since Bollywood movies and songs are watched globally, and their unique air and style attracts more viewers. Another example is Lupita Nyong’o who wrote a book about growing up as a Luo, and even read a few lines in her language at its launch, something that could make more people know more about the culture.

When a celebrity from a humble background or one who followed the straight and narrow makes it, they motivate fans. They teach others that you can succeed on the right path, no matter where you come from or who you are because what matters is how hard you work towards your goal. Julius Yego came from a country that had never had a javelin thrower on the global stage, and people would have never expected him to do it, yet he did. LeBron James, a basketball icon beat all odds and nurtured his talent, and now he is a known name that has motivated many humble beginners to follow their dreams.

An article about how celebrities can affect society

Besides all the good things they do, celebrities could be a bad example, an embarrassment and a source of shame for their families, friends and countries. When money clouds their reason, some engage in immoralities like illicit affairs, drugs, public scuffles, and other shameful acts. The likes of Vybz Kartel, who committed heinous crimes including murder, or Chris Brown who is known for violence, and Justin Bieber, mislead the youth. These are individuals who were once admired by countless youths, but their actions could cause a belief in society that money is the passport for anything you want, even the illegal.

A celebrity’s actions are watched, admired, and even followed by their fans, so they should try to bring a positive impact to the lives of those who look up to them. Promoting the economy through business collaborations and donations, marketing their cultures, and speaking up against vices could push their society forward. But going against the law because they think they are invisible only does more harm than good especially if their loyal fans cannot tell when to not copy.